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Why Volunteer with Linking People?

carerbreakThe work volunteers do is very valuable to the people and organisations they support. Volunteering involves spending unpaid time doing something to help other people or groups. Evidence suggests that volunteering brings health benefits to both the volunteers and the people they help.

Volunteers make a massive difference within their communities and are committed to helping older people live independent and fulfilled lives. Whether it’s befriending an older person, taking them to the shops, delivering a meal to them or even making a short phone call – you can make a big difference that is appreciated and valued.

Why not be part of helping older people get the support they need and want? If you can spare a few hours weekly, fortnightly, or can give a couple of days each month, Linking People have a volunteering opportunity for you.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering opportunities with Linking People, please contact us by completing the form below…

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